Auto -Coupled Pathe Grand Opera records

Auto -Coupled Pathe Grand Opera records

Postby Gmemg » 30 Nov 2014, 21:00

Some may think that Auto - coupled record sets only emerged with the Auto - changing gramophone - but no, I recently bought a number of machines and lots of records in a collection amongst which were a large number of 14" Pathe disques, and amongst those were most, if not all of the Pathe Grand opera sets recorded 1911 - 1913

It isn't mentioned in the catalogues but these sets were available in Auto - coupled for for use on a special double - turntable Pathe machine, these sets must be rare but the machiens must be rarer - the idea being that as one record ends the next side can be started and if done well the music is seamless ! it was an idea well ahead of the technology and thus wasn't repeated for nearly 20 years

Here are some such records the 1913 "Romeo et Juliette" Set :

side 1 is backed by side 3 and side 2 by side 4



and here's the machine they were designed for :


and here's a U -t ube recording i made earlier - it's sides 9/10 Juliette's Waltz aria where i have to change disques half way through and it's not seamless !
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