"legende de la Sauge" Sung by Lucien Fugere

"legende de la Sauge" Sung by Lucien Fugere

Postby Gmemg » 30 Jul 2015, 08:30

This is one of my Favourite records from French Opera, a great song sung by many many French & other singers, i seem to recall once sung by a woman ! however this is the VERY best version - by Lucien Fugere recorded in 1928 - nothing great about that i hear you cry ! but you'rewrong 1928 was a great year to record the electrical recording process had been perfected so a great voice could be recorded in full and lucien Fugere certainly had a great voice - oddly and possibly uniquely not at the beginning of his career but as he got older his voice became grander until in 1928 it was perfect and he was.............80 yes he was 80 he was born in 1848 (the Year of Revolutions interestingly)

this is a great recording

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