Gemma Bellincioni - When Elaboration becomes ...........Err

Gemma Bellincioni - When Elaboration becomes ...........Err

Postby Gmemg » 28 Oct 2014, 15:19

I'm very keen on Grand Opera Records and when an Important italian Collection was offered to me i took the opportunity of buying it - the Collection, that of a Noble Family who knew and knew of many of the Great Operatic Singers of the late 19th C was known by Roberto Bauer who has left some comments on the sleeves but not alas on the record i first put on U - Tube

"L'altra notte in fondo al mare"sung by Gemma Bellincioni G & T 053017 Rec 1903 is a most unusual record - those who are interested in and who collect such records do so mainly because Operatic Songers recorded their singing rather than as is the case today sing their records ! The Great Operatic singers of the 19th C not only looked at the notes on the score but "interpreted " them in their own unique way - Selma Kurz version of "Saper Vorreste" is unequalled for it's unique interpretation adding many notes that Verdi didn't write ! those extra trills & elaborations add to the pleasure of listening to such recordings and to the lament that more wasn't recorded - however in the case of Bellincioni's recording "elaboration" isn't quite the right word - one comment on the recording uses the word :


about some passages - and that rather sums it for me ! Here's the recording

here's Selma Kurz who knew just when to stop - admittedly there is rather a fine line !
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