Linguaphone booklet 1925

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Linguaphone booklet 1925

Postby Gmemg » 03 Apr 2017, 13:29

This weekend i sorted out a lot of very tatty sleeves and rubbish paperwork from the records which came from the Barn last year - ,most of it was mildewed and tatty and since the weather has been nice i piled it all up for a bonfire - alas that night it really rained and it all got rather soggy and had to be dried out before the fire it was during the sorting that a booklet fell out of a sleeve - alas it had got a bit wet !

After drying it i photo'd some of the less boring pages - including photos of contemporary interiors and the prices for the machines & courses - contrary to popular myth the customer BOUGHT their machines - oddly "the Squire" has owned a number of Linguaphones and ALL have the legend :

"Assembled by Mr Loveday" and the date

so was ONE man responsible for assembling all of the linguaphone machines ?

Here's the front page of the booklet


Teaching children languages - that Columbia is C 1914 so would have only been about 10 years old !


Costs :



"The Solophone"


Repeating Attachment




A testimonial from H G Wells

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