Decca Salon 130 Portable Instructions (Also Models 110/120)

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Decca Salon 130 Portable Instructions (Also Models 110/120)

Postby Gmemg » 24 Apr 2017, 12:40

This s an interesting leaflet i found in a MINT condition Decca Salon 130 Portable Gramophone which came out of the recent clearance - once dried out & polished the machine came up like NEW - and whilst dusting the interior to - day i took out the album and this leaflet fell out - "Dirty Barry" i exclaimed ! alas it's not included in Proudie's (actually Roger Thorne's) Decca Portables Monograph (available from all good CLPGS Paedos & "Suicidal" Steve TMF Admin)

So here it is




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