14" Victor De Luxe record

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14" Victor De Luxe record

Postby Gmemg » 16 Mar 2014, 13:08

This record was bought by "the Squire" from the Getty Collection and he has kindly allowed me to photo & record it for us here

These were apparently made from march 1903 - early 1904 and due to the size & cost ($2) they were a failure - it is said that only 50 exist to - day - is that true ? how can one tell ? you know what thuings are like in the USA someone is bound to find some Shack in the backwoods, or shop store somewhee with 5,000 and everyone will have one or more !

Here it is :


Here's a Close - Up of the label :


and here's the speed label on the reverse - 60rpm


and here's the recording - rather dull sadly but i think rather better quality than the 2 14" Columbia's i've heard

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