13 3/4"" Fonotipia & Odeon records

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13 3/4"" Fonotipia & Odeon records

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As is well known Pathe produced records in all sorts of sizes and those in fairly large numbers and as the "market Leader" on the Continent they set an Example for others so when Odeon records began they decided to emulate Pathe and in 1908 they issued 13 3/4" records - Fonotipia & Odeon, they claimed that the larger records would give more playing time and thus for Grand Opera the Artistes could relax and produce better records - and that for Band or instrumental records a Whole Overture could be recorded on one record - the problem was that they were expensive and difficult to store !

the Fonotipia records are rare but the Odeon record is the only one ever seen.

the Odeon Discs



The Records - 10 1/4 " in front & the 13 3/4" behind


The Fonotipia Label


The Record Played - you can hear the more leisurely approach


The Odeon record


The Odeon record Played

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