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HMV 118 on "the Saleroom"

PostPosted: 12 Jul 2017, 18:44
by Gmemg
I was rather surprised to see on the saleroom last week an HMV 118 - not the usual sort of thing and certainly something rarely seen in a UK Auction ! (never in SAS anyway) and i was rather interested in what it might make - i didn't consider bidding as , interesting though it is , it's not one for me .

I didn't think it would make £50 but as it appeared to be in good or even excellent condition i thought it should do well and actually it didn't do quite as well as i thought it might making £500 which works out , with comm at £605 which may seen a lot of money but compared to some freak prices achieved for HMV 102s it's not that great and it looked a decent machine in the photos and may well be better when seen "live"

Was it worth buying ? well, yes i suppose it was

Should I have bought it ? ...........well if you want a good collection of rare, fine condition machines then why not (as Barry Norman would have said)

Will it appear soon on Eaby ? possibly !

here it is :


Re: HMV 118 on "the Saleroom"

PostPosted: 13 Jul 2017, 08:16
by gerryb
did you buy it ? do you know who did ?

Re: HMV 118 on "the Saleroom"

PostPosted: 13 Jul 2017, 21:05
by HMV130
I spied this lovely machine for a while. The price exceeded my maximum offer; I was interest only in the machine itself (teak cabinet etc) rather than the use of it (I already own a machine that is essentially the same regarding the sound system - possibly better considering that the HMV No. 118 does not use the lid as reflector).

Re: HMV 118 on "the Saleroom"

PostPosted: 13 Jul 2017, 21:47
by Gmemg
You make a valid point - The sound from this machine would be very similar to an HMV 102 or an HMV 114 (Colonial) but then people who buy an HMV 130, 145, 113, 113a will get machines with different cases but identical horns & motors and all will sound the same !

I suppose what stopped me bidding is that i'm not really a collector of machines and since this one is so similar to others i already have i thought i'd rather wait for something different to appear and go for whatever that might be . Those who collect machines for so they can say they have them remind me of stamp collectors or trainspotters and that's something i've never been (and hope not to be )

I suspect this actually ended up either in Evesham or The Grand Duchy and good luck to the buyer !