Tale No 1 "the Nicole Machine & the 2 German Collectors"

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Tale No 1 "the Nicole Machine & the 2 German Collectors"

Postby Gmemg » 23 Jan 2018, 20:44

This is a tale told to me by a well known Uk dealer - it shows that the Leading dealer is typical of the small minded "lesser" dealer insecure and ignorant in that they try to "rubbish" any genuine machine sold to a collector by anyone but him, and the insecurity of some collectors who "rely on the "knowledge" and "Honesty" of such Dealers - alas in this case it rather backfired (like Dommo ?)

"One day a well known UK Dealer was visited by a German collector (name withheld but available on request) who spotted he had a VERY rare Nicole Horn gramophone of C 1905 - he liked the machine and bought it for a not insignificant sum - he was delighted and having visited the "leading dealer" and finding only cobbled up Crapohone junk made in Bedford by a Bankrupt manure salesman he went home

Some time later the "leading Dealer" paying a "royal" Visit to the Reich (to Authenticate his Moustache ? - ED) visited the collector and spotting the Nicole machine proudly displayed asked where it had come from then went into a well - worn attack mode :

"yis Yis Yis, a load of rubbish , No No No, Bleurrrrrrr, Nicole never made any such machine - they made musical Boxes , why they didn't even make records * Yis Yis Yis - get your money back and by this Bedford machine from Me , yis Yis Yis, it's a Dalgety Special !!!!!

so the German Collector angrily rang the Well known UK Dealer shouted he wanted his money back and the nonchalent Dealer merely agreed and the machine went back to the well - Known UK Dealer

Alas for the Leading Dealer and for "German Collector No 1 " the Nicole machine was sitting on the Well Known dealers Shelf when Another German Collector (who lived not far from "German Collector No 1") payed him a visit and admiring and recognising the Incredibly rare machine bought it instantly for a LOT more than German Collector No 1 had paid and was delighted to take it home (after avoiding the "leading Dealer" & his Bedford Made Crap) with him where he had an original catalogue PROVING it's originality and genuineness

Soon after "German Collector no 1" paid him a visit and was astonished to see the Nicole Machine and the catalogue and realising he had been conned by the "leading Dealer" went home and angrily rang him .............the "leading dealer" put the 'phone down and found selling in Germany rather harder than in former times !

The Moral of the story is USE YOUR OWN JUDGEMENT and don't trust Ring Members and CLPGS Members

*alas he relied up frank Andrews grossly inaccurate & misleading record Matrix Number guides even then dismissed as worthless by German & other Matrix experts !
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