Tale No 2 "The Wrecked EMG Horn "

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Tale No 2 "The Wrecked EMG Horn "

Postby Gmemg » 23 Jan 2018, 20:45

This is a tale from a well known (If not respected) Gramophone/Radio/Sewing machine "dealer " well known for "making a Living from a Loss" he told me this tale some years ago ! best read in a nasal North London Accent

"one day i was sort of walkin' along the aisle at a large outdoor antiques fair - it was fik fog it was and you could hardly see yer 'and in front of yer face yer couldn't, i sees this EMG 'Orn on the floor in front of a stall - well i sort of tripped over it like ! i arsked the bloke wot he wanted for it and he says :

"Give us £50"

so i did like, and was walkin' along back to my car as i says in the fik fog it was and i 'ears a voice out of the fik fog :

"Reg, O, Reg, Yis Yis Yis "

I finks :

Bleedin' 'Ell Not IM , so i like legged it round a corner like and bugger me i bumps into the bleeder ! "

He says :

"How much is that Reg, Yis Yis, Yis, you know you've got to sell to me I've turned over 5 million pounds in the last 2 weeks and am at the top of the tree, top of th etree Yis Yis Yis ?"

I finks quick like or he's gonna go on and bleedin on for hours like and says "How about £45 ?"

He says : "Yis Yis Yis , I'll take it - i've bought 500 phonographs at the fair today and all the TOP Stuff a top dealer like me buys so i can't fit it into the car so for that price you can drop it at my emporium Yis Yis Yis "

he went off into the fog and funnily enough as i left the fair and i saw 'is car leavin and he had nuffin' in it - Bleedin weird if you ask me

so the next day i went to his trading place and parked down the road he appeared and took the 'orn an paid me so i went back to the car - i should say the trading place had these massive glass doors set in thinck bronze frames - they took two 'ands to shift em and so i sees him go in the horn over 'is shoulder and he shoves the door open goes in 'imself and whad to i sees next ?

only the Bleedin' Door shutting on the LARGE PART OF THE 'ORN Completely Flattening it !

I quickly drove orf before he wanted 'is money back

Ow Gawd i fought to myself !

More tales soon - Particularly ones told to me by Soundgerm !
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