Tale No 3 "Attempted Blackmail of the Musical Box dealer"

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Tale No 3 "Attempted Blackmail of the Musical Box dealer"

Postby Gmemg » 23 Jan 2018, 20:47

This is another tale from the "Well Known UK Dealer" who enjoys telling tales about such things but who's income is somewhat obscure Like the EMG Guru's :

"one day the Leading dealer was viewing a Sale of Mechanical music (Location not mentioned) and happened to see a MAJOR Musical Box dealer looking carefully at a Very Valuable and Important musical box - Est Approx £10,000 (very different from the crap he & the "ring" deal In ) and saw an opportunity so he sidled up to the Major Musical box dealer and Said :

"Yis , Yis, Yis, If you want to buy that it'll cost you £500 in cash Now !!!!!!" *

The Major Musical Box dealer having more common sense & Guts than the "ring" members replied :

"you can F**K Off if you think i'm paying you anything "

The Leading dealer slid off with his (usually Dommo's) Tail between his legs and the Major Musical box Dealer bought the Box for the market price

The moral of this story is :

Stand up to Bullies !

* The implication being that should the money not be paid the Leading Dealer would bid up the Major Musical box dealer to over the estimate and thus costing him many thousands of Pounds extra !

Coming SOON "Who made & Sold the Crapophones " & " The REAL Blackmail of "Suicidal" Steve TMF Admin at Knowle - The Radio Microphone Dancers's Scandal !
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