Tale No 4 "The Leading Dealer, The Marlow Doc & the EMG

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Tale No 4 "The Leading Dealer, The Marlow Doc & the EMG

Postby Gmemg » 23 Jan 2018, 20:48

This is a hugely amusing tale told to me by "Suicidal" Steve TMF Admin - It concerns a Mk 9 EMG Base with a Mk 10 Horn and what happened when the owner offered it to "the Leading Dealer " it's rather like a sort of "tale of the Unexpected" and there's certainly a sinister element to it but luckily there was a happy ending but NOT for the "leading Dealer"

One day a Doctorr From Near Marlow in Bucks decided he wanted to sell a gramophone he owned it was a Mark 9 base with a not untypical upgrade of a Mk 10 Horn, he knew it was worth something but didn't want to put it through an Auction so contacted "the Leading dealer (Queue Dramatic Organ Music) who duly turned up to take a look at it Yis Yis Yis !!!!!!!

The Doctor let him in and was subjected to the usual old tosh about screw threads and the History of the CLPGS etc etc and how the "Leading Dealer" had :

"turned over Over *****Million £'s worth of stock in the last couple of years yis yis yis, and thus you should sell to me Etc Etc (Ad Nauseum) "

Which was an Attempt to wear down the owner and convince him to sell - The Good Doctor who was a Man of the World was not fooled by this nonsense and diagnosed the "leading Dealer" as suffering from :

"Delusions of Grandeur "

and decided he might very well :

"Disappear up his own Exhaust Pipe"

and showed him the door ! Most (sane) dealers know if you make an offer and then it's not accepted the first time you see an item it's VERY unlikely whatever you offer and for any number of reasons that you will EVER buy the item and it's best to forget all about it HOWEVER as we know The "leading Dealer" is not sane nor rational and thus began BOMBARDING the Good Doctor with all sorts of 'phone messages and letters (not all written in Crayon) and the Good doctor knew his diagnosis had in fact been correct !

The Good Doctor being somewhat fed up with this nonsense then contacted (He didn't say how he obtained his details) "Suicidal" Steve's Contact details and sold the machine to Him ! (He kept the horn and sold the Base to The Old fraud* who sold the base to me for £1,000 ! )

the interesting thing is that he told Steve what had happened and said :

"I'd rather sell to you for less money than to him for any amount "

What a strange turn of events but it's not an isolated incident !

Coming Soon - "How the Leading Dealer Buys not only at "real" Auctions but on ebay through "camp" Barry (Phono 2/6) and Peter Harford Jamestown (Baritone) to cover his tracks - ineptly !

* Tales of Him & his Rip Off's and "Ring" membership coming soon - his opinion of Mr Maxwell - House is VERY Low and his stories about Mr M - H are numerous and his Bogus "histories" of his family are rubbished by Files in "fraternal" organisations in "mudtown" !)
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