What Happened to the Spring issue ?

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What Happened to the Spring issue ?

Postby Gmemg » 07 Jul 2018, 07:22

A number of CLPGS Members have contacted me regarding the "Spring" issue of the woeful mag the "learned " Society produced quarterly - well for a start i am NOT the editor (as at least one seems to think) and another i just don't care !

Here are some thoughts :

Maybe they lost the proofs behind the back of the sofa ?

Did the "leading dealer" leave the Proofs behind the loo in a Garage Coffee Shop during one of his "assignations" ?

Could it be there was nothing to write about
( unlikely as they've produced boring articles for 40 years and don't seem to be giving up just yet )

I Should remind the Dire - ectors that the subscription is a CONTRACT and they are legally obliged to provide 4 issues per year if they are not to be in breach of contract ................or perhaps they intend to produce a special issue on a Saint's Day ?


St frank's Day named after St Frank the Patron Saint of Erroneous Record Research


St Frank - Patron Saint of Bogs Provenance for large Gramophones ?

Or in the West Country :

St Slippery's Day where furtive characters emerge at night and nab 203's from Auctions almost in their back gardens for £200 ! and then NOT Selling them to "the Leading Dealer" (a veritable Miracle indeed)

I feel a new Poirot mystery coming on !
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